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sometimes people have emotions, 
sometimes people get mixed up like potions, 
but what is it that drives us through this ride we call life, 
as the leaves change from season to season, 
we all have our long life reason, 
for why we mean something, 
or who we mean it to, 
the world cant be meant to just anyone, 
it is the little things that ever mean anything to some, 
so take your life into your own hand, 
and grip it like your barely holding on, 
cherish what youve got in this world, 
because the next thing you know, 
it all might fall and ruin.. 


Veterans Thanks – ‘Merica

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this is for all those soldiers out there risking their lives,

brothers, comrades, true friends tied,

guns going off all around,

but in your ears there isnt even a sound,

near and far all of you stay,

from in afghanistan, all the way to the MIA,

our soldiers are like America’s beating heart,

making the ultimate sacrifice, and from their families apart,

this thanks is for those who have bravely served,

our every thanks and trust deserved,

thanks to our american heroes everywhere,

america is on your back, its what you wear.

Zombie Apocalypse Strikes World Cup

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Progressive Culture | Scholars & Rogues

Suarez bites again. And it isn’t funny. No, seriously, it’s not. Stop laughing!

Serial biter Luis Suarez of Uruguay took a hunk out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder in today’s 1-0 win over the Azzurri.

With FIFA certain to review the incident, it appears that Suarez may have bitten off more than he can chew.

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well in this trance that eveyone has always called life,
were told to always keep our dreams in sight,
growing up for some reason we are built up with all this hype,
all i can say to you is keep your dreams in sight,
and dont try so hard to hurry and get to the real world,
when i got there i was somewhat whirled,
or something like twirled,
my perception was bent in a way, like curled,
but keep your head up my friend,
know that if you ever need my love it will never bend,
if you feel like the whole world is crashing on your shoulders,
just fight it off with the courage of 1,000 soldiers,
and know im glad to be a part of your life,
mine is great and your one of the reasons why…:)

The field of dreams

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what is this field of dreams?
that breaks into us like bad seames?
why does it bond together to form one, like teams?
or cloud our vision like some type of steam?
we must embrace them with our whole self,
and never treat them like an old trophy and put them on a shelf,
keep them in the soft palm of your hand,
if you do theyll warm up your life like the soft touch of beach sand,
so go ahead and take the field in this dream game,
and play it all out,
without any shame.

Went for a walk..and it inspired

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when i look at the moon bright in the brisk night sky,
i cannot help but wonder why,
or what it is, im passing by,
as the cold night air brushes my warm cheek,
the warm fireplace at home is all i seek,
or the feeling of lonliness, oh so bleak,
as my shoes hit against the pavement while i walk,
all i can think about is the life ive always sought,
and thinking to myself,or i mean thought,
ive pretty much got everything i ever might want,
i look at you and know its something that can never be bought,
so when i finally stopped to tie my shoe,
i thought,
ill write a poem just to say i love you 🙂

What is missing someone?

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what is this feeling when you miss someone?
if you dont vent it, itll feel like a ton,
so maybe if your missing someone this is what you should read,
maybe just go over this and take it in, like when you feed,
wishing that they were there,
missing even the smallest thing like for instance their hair,
ok so sitting here writing this poem,
this was just my way of showin,
im missing someone,
or maybe more than just one,
so if your sitting and thinking by a warm fire,
or maybe up all night without tire,
take my words like candy from a baby,
and just know this isnt how itll always be.