well in this trance that eveyone has always called life,
were told to always keep our dreams in sight,
growing up for some reason we are built up with all this hype,
all i can say to you is keep your dreams in sight,
and dont try so hard to hurry and get to the real world,
when i got there i was somewhat whirled,
or something like twirled,
my perception was bent in a way, like curled,
but keep your head up my friend,
know that if you ever need my love it will never bend,
if you feel like the whole world is crashing on your shoulders,
just fight it off with the courage of 1,000 soldiers,
and know im glad to be a part of your life,
mine is great and your one of the reasons why…:)


~ by trackstar3328 on December 10, 2009.

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