My girlfriends favorites :)

Tara’s Favorites
Well this is a poem of Tara’s favorites,
I don’t know what exactly to say to this,
But I do know what she likes when she awakes,
Her most favorite thing is most definitely chocolate-chip pancakes,
But if there’s none she’ll enjoy a bagel, plain,
She hates to run, loves to watch movies, and enjoys mochas with minty candy-cane,
While eating oranges she has to get rid of all the “white stuff,”
When we were in high school she liked to play powder puff,
She’ll fall asleep if you scratch her head,
And for lunch she really enjoys roast beef on white bread,
She loves to take random drives on country roads with her dad,
Jim is his name, he is pretty rad,
I really wish she liked sweet tea,
She says eww every time she drinks it with me,
But she does love to drink chocolate milk, she’ll never share!
And she really loves it when I brush her newly wet hair,
At night sometimes you’ll hear, grilled cheese please!
Or maybe she’ll want some Kraft macaroni and cheese,
Now soccer is her passion, she strives to get many wins,
And I’m pretty sure she loves her brown Ugg moccasins,
Cranberry juice is another one of her favorite drinks,
She even hates cruise ships because she’s afraid it’ll sink,
Don’t be surprised if she says “I have something in my eye!”
And at the movie Marley and Me we both began to cry,
She loves to always play basketball,
And make multi-colored quotes for your wall,
While playing her at anything she always beats me,
She also loves to climb an occasional tree,
Whew I have to sigh,
Her favorite dessert is pumpkin or apple pie,
Occasionally with some vanilla or chocolate ice-cream,
And she loves her Tennessee Tech soccer team,
For some reason she doesn’t like houses with pillars,
Doesn’t like scary movies, but enjoys thrillers,
She really doesn’t like a lot of soda pop,
But for sure likes to play guitar hero and rock,
At night she loves to wear really soft socks,
On warm spring nights she likes bike rides or walks,
Her eyes are of the prettiest blue,
She’s also way smarter than me too,
She loves corn on the cob,
And she adores her waitress pizza job,
Always wears hoodies and sweatpants everywhere,
Italy, yeah she’s always wanted to go there,
But she really cannot stand wet hair,
Last but not least she shivers loud when it is real cold,
And late at night she will begin to sniffle her nose,
Well just want you to know you’re like an angel from heaven,
This will be your poem for month eleven.


~ by trackstar3328 on December 10, 2009.

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