What Is Love? (night at the roxbury pun)

well what is love you might ask,
haddaway just said baby dont hurt me like a broken arm with a cast,
to me love happened perfectly and without question,
i knew it was right from that very second,
hearts are bound in that moment,
but a lot of times poeple are just to shy to show it,
thats where love comes in though,
getting the one you love to open up like a new show,
grabbing their heart like your gripping for your very existence,
knowing you dont want to screw it up like a winning shot, just miss it,
take their love not ever for granted,
but make it one, something like banded,
so what is love you might ask?
just find the one that means the world to you and never look back.


~ by trackstar3328 on December 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “What Is Love? (night at the roxbury pun)”

  1. I like the snow…and I can say with some confidence this is the only poem EVER inspired by Haddaway.

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