What Is Love? (night at the roxbury pun)

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well what is love you might ask,
haddaway just said baby dont hurt me like a broken arm with a cast,
to me love happened perfectly and without question,
i knew it was right from that very second,
hearts are bound in that moment,
but a lot of times poeple are just to shy to show it,
thats where love comes in though,
getting the one you love to open up like a new show,
grabbing their heart like your gripping for your very existence,
knowing you dont want to screw it up like a winning shot, just miss it,
take their love not ever for granted,
but make it one, something like banded,
so what is love you might ask?
just find the one that means the world to you and never look back.


My girlfriends favorites :)

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Tara’s Favorites
Well this is a poem of Tara’s favorites,
I don’t know what exactly to say to this,
But I do know what she likes when she awakes,
Her most favorite thing is most definitely chocolate-chip pancakes,
But if there’s none she’ll enjoy a bagel, plain,
She hates to run, loves to watch movies, and enjoys mochas with minty candy-cane,
While eating oranges she has to get rid of all the “white stuff,”
When we were in high school she liked to play powder puff,
She’ll fall asleep if you scratch her head,
And for lunch she really enjoys roast beef on white bread,
She loves to take random drives on country roads with her dad,
Jim is his name, he is pretty rad,
I really wish she liked sweet tea,
She says eww every time she drinks it with me,
But she does love to drink chocolate milk, she’ll never share!
And she really loves it when I brush her newly wet hair,
At night sometimes you’ll hear, grilled cheese please!
Or maybe she’ll want some Kraft macaroni and cheese,
Now soccer is her passion, she strives to get many wins,
And I’m pretty sure she loves her brown Ugg moccasins,
Cranberry juice is another one of her favorite drinks,
She even hates cruise ships because she’s afraid it’ll sink,
Don’t be surprised if she says “I have something in my eye!”
And at the movie Marley and Me we both began to cry,
She loves to always play basketball,
And make multi-colored quotes for your wall,
While playing her at anything she always beats me,
She also loves to climb an occasional tree,
Whew I have to sigh,
Her favorite dessert is pumpkin or apple pie,
Occasionally with some vanilla or chocolate ice-cream,
And she loves her Tennessee Tech soccer team,
For some reason she doesn’t like houses with pillars,
Doesn’t like scary movies, but enjoys thrillers,
She really doesn’t like a lot of soda pop,
But for sure likes to play guitar hero and rock,
At night she loves to wear really soft socks,
On warm spring nights she likes bike rides or walks,
Her eyes are of the prettiest blue,
She’s also way smarter than me too,
She loves corn on the cob,
And she adores her waitress pizza job,
Always wears hoodies and sweatpants everywhere,
Italy, yeah she’s always wanted to go there,
But she really cannot stand wet hair,
Last but not least she shivers loud when it is real cold,
And late at night she will begin to sniffle her nose,
Well just want you to know you’re like an angel from heaven,
This will be your poem for month eleven.

Random FActs

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1. i seriously laugh like a girl.. people get kicks out of it

2. i sit with my toes literally curled under my feet.. my dad calls it perching..

3. i have had four cars whose names were: myunclestruck, poncho, the blue demon, and the dark knight

4. i’m adopted

5. thirteen people live in my house at the moment.

6. i love my grandmas chocolate almond pie

7. i like washing dishes

8. i have had over 6 or 7 jobs

9. i currently hold 4 high school records in track

10. i love cooking

11. i write poetry.. and i’m a published author

12. i have baked a wedding cake and took all weekend.. only to get a b on the project.

13. i draw cartoons

14. i tell myself that i’m a good driver

15. i love milk duds with popcorn

16. i dont mind watching chick flicks every now and then

17. i tend to be the only person that lughs histerically at the movies

18. i have read the first twilight book

19. i take pretty funny pictures

20. i’ve been to new york city

21. deathly afraid of heights

22. i have had surgery twice in my life

23. i wanted to be in the navy but couldn’t

24. i dream of someday becoming a chef

25. my eyes change colors for the different moods i’m in


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im trying to put the rubberband around when it snaps my hand,
why does this computer screen have to be so bland?
these keys im typing on are not a talent i want,
looking for a sale its like trying to hunt,
lunch break seems only like a few seconds,
then it is gone,
and back to work where the papers have piled up more than a ton,
my boss yelling that my work is crap,
well he sits so long a chicken egg could probably hatch,
now i think its time to go before the yelling starts,
i guess at least im not pushing carts.

Feeling Down?

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Well however your feeling right now hopefully this will help you,
itll feel good like gettin a new pair of shoes,
come on just think of when i brush your hair,
or just how much i really care,
your such a sweet and uplifting person,
but you need to be lifted up every now and again,
your just the sweetest thing I ever have known,
even in the middle of I40 and my engine had blown,
your always there good or bad,
and i hate to see you the least bit sad,
so why dont you just smile,
ill see ya in a little while 🙂

Veterans Thanks

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this is for all those soldiers out there risking their lives,
brothers, comrades, true friends tied,
guns going off all around,
but in your ears there isnt even a sound,
near and far all of you stay,
from in afghanistan, all the way to the MIA,
our soldiers are like America’s beating heart,
making the ultimate sacrifice, and from their families apart,
this thanks is for those who have bravely served,
our every thanks and trust deserved,
thanks to our american heroes everywhere,
america is on your back, its what you wear.


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alex likes having beeef, he loves meatball subs. he walks around with nothing to do bacause he doesnt have many friends. he has trouble with pre-calculus, he loves to eat all the donuts at any given store. he is extremly weird and pitiful.